New Gigposter: Stuff A Truck Benefit Concert

We have a really exciting gig coming up with Amy and the Peace Pipes on Friday, where we’ll be playing with Aires Attic and South to Cedars to benefit Homeless Gear.  Members from the three bands has been doing a lot of work towards things, getting some generous businesses to donate really cool prizes that we’ll be giving away.  I got a chance to design some artwork for it, I do have to confess that I did borrow from a previous design that I put together 8 years ago – but I figured the Statute of Limitations for my artwork expired and I could make it useful again.


One of the biggest challenges was the use of all of the logos for the sponsors. Everyone’s managed to come in different shapes, sizes and colors.  I also found it difficult to striking the balance to providing the logos enough prominence without detracting too much from the other information I was trying to convey.

I also played around a lot with the new Facebook banner design, coming up with this guy:


The gap in the middle was allocated to give space for the event title and date that Facebook imposes. People who would click onto the cover art would see the full “donate items” text, but I wanted to put the most striking content above the fold. Here’s what it looks like over on Facebook:


I played around with the art some more, making a 1×1 image for our Twitter and Instragram profile pictures:


I’d definitely welcome any thoughts or input!

New Artwork: Pamlico Sound

it’s been a while since I’ve had a reason to play with some graphic design work, but I got an opportunity to do a little for a band I’m playing with tonight, The Pamlico Sound.  They’re doing their CD release show, and had the idea of giving away a song from their new CD. I designed this 4×5 postcard that we’ll be putting on the tables at the bar. I set up a quick script to collect email addresses for the mailing list in return for the file.  I’m sad to say that this is my first foray into responsive web design, but found it surprisingly easy.


I’m pretty satisfied with the art work, but definitely could use some improvement on my script. For something quick & dirty: it’ll do the job.  I’d definitely welcome any feedback (especially on the artwork).

Also if you happen to find yourself in Boulder on Saturday (Feb 23), come out to the Lazy Dog and check us out! We’ll be playing around 11pm.

More Graphic Design Artwork

I wrapped up my semester in my Graphic Design class, with things turning out pretty well. I wanted to share some of my final work in that class.  We had two remaining projects: A 1929-era travel poster, and a movie poster for our favorite movie.

Starting with my Vintage Travel Poster: I really struggled with this project the most. I’m a modern-oriented guy, who loves the bleeding edge – so to try to re-create something that looked old and dated was really tough to wrap my head around.  I decided to go with a train poster, starting with Paris, then was later convinced to do a series of travel posters around France.




The last project was the poster for our favorite movie, which I chose The Dark Knight.  I decided to gear my poster towards people who have seen the movie and understand the specific scene.  Let me know what you think:


More artwork: CSU Alternative Spring Break Benefit Poster

Earlier this week I posted my Rockies logo for my Graphic Design class.  Last weekend, I put together a personal project.  Greenfoot is playing a benefit show for the CSU Alternative Spring Break, and I volunteered to put together the poster for this show.  I’d be anxious to hear your thoughts:

Also if you’re in Fort Collins/Northern Colorado, we’d love for you to come out on Sunday night and support a great cause with us!

Graphic Design Project: New Rockies Logo

Speaking of the Rockies, I’m taking a graphic design course this semester. I needed to get some elective credits and figured this would be a pretty fun class.  Our first project was to either re-design the Colorado Rockies logo, or the University of Colorado logo. I decided to do the former and go for a replacement of the “CR” letter logo, going for a more classic look.  I’m anxious to hear what you think:

Rockies Logo

Rockies Logo

Part of this project was to create an identity package, which includes hats, jerseys, a bus and a plane.  I’ve applied my logo to those as well:

Rockies Logo

Rockies Logo
Rockies Logo

Once again, I’d be anxious to hear your thoughts!