4-2 Ravens fired Offensive Coordinator Jim Fassel, Billick to call plays

Brian Billick has fired offensive coordinator Jim Fassel and will take over the play-calling for the Ravens offense. Strange mid-season development for a 4-2 team, even if the offense didn’t look great.  The Ravens never had a great offense, and while Fassel may not have helped the Ravens as much as they’d like, they were winning games.  I can’t stand Brian Billick’s arrogance for thinking that if he calls the plays and runs the offense somehow the Ravens will begin putting a lot of points on the board.  We’ll see how this pans out.

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Packers QB Favre plans to play despite pinched nerve

"Digg Story: Despite still feeling the effects of a possible slight concussion and pinched nerve in his neck, Brett Favre expects to play Sunday against St. Louis."

I know that people think Favre’s a gamer and this is a demonstration of his toughness, but would it kill that guy to sit out a game? I know he has the "consecutive start" record that he wants to preserve, but wouldn’t it be better for the team for him to sit out, then he can rest up so he can make a big difference for the rest of the season?

This is what bugs me about his record: in the early 2000′s he played a ton of games with a royally messed up thumb, which is arguably attributed to a lot of their struggles. Health-wise, is a 60-70% Favre better for the Packers than a 100% Rogers?

I realize that this year the Packers likely won’t make the playoffs and a healthy Favre probably won’t make the difference in games, but it feels like Favre is putting himself ahead of the team at this point.

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The Madden Curse Continues – Alexander is HURT!

The Madden Curse strikes again this year after the Seahawks announced that Shaun Alexander is out indefinitely with a broken foot.

I remember when we were playing Fantasy Football and my friend Matt had the 1st pick of the draft.  The buzz about Shaun Alexander was hot, but I suggested that Matt resist the temptation and take LaDainian Tomlinson from the Chargers.  Well aware of the curse, Matt was already planning to take LT.

The story on ESPN has a chart documenting the demise of the last six players to grace the cover of Madden NFL: RB Shaun Alexander, QB Donovan McNabb, LB Ray Lewis, QB Michael Vick, RB Marshall Faulk, and QB Daunte Culpepper.

If I was in the NFL and the Madden guys were approaching me with a truckload of money to appear on the cover of Madden ’08, I would take the money and just take the year off.  You’re already not going to play because you’re hurt, so why not avoid the pain?

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Broncos make undrafted rookie MIKE Bell No. 1 RB (not Tatum)

The Broncos said Monday that undrafted rookie Mike Bell is now the No. 1 running back headed into the preseason opener this week at Detroit. Bell had been running as third-string running back behind Ron Dayne and Tatum Bell (no relation). Dayne said Mike Bell has earned the top spot, given the way he’s been working in camp.

This is definitely a surprise!  This is the first time that I’ve ever heard about this guy.  I won’t take too much stock being that this is only the first pre-season game.  However, this does make training camp interesting.   Another interesting note is that Jay Cutler is now the #2 QB, over Bradlee Van Pelt.  This isn’t too surprising, but it’s happening a little earlier than I would have thought.

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